Eat. Drink. Swag.


Munchkin® Tavern

Please do not feed the dragons.

Steve Jackson Games has taken over a local restaurant in Indianapolis and made it into a temporary Munchkin Headquarters for Gen Con!

We'll have Munchkin-themed menu items and exclusive Munchkin swag for you, as well as special guest appearances by Steve Jackson Games staff! Kick open our door, eat tasty food, and take our stuff!


Dates: August 15-17, 2013

Time: 2:30pm to Midnight

Special Dinner Guests: 7:00pm
Thursday: Leonard Balsera, Munchkin Baron
Friday: Steve Jackson, Creator of Munchkin
Saturday: Andrew Hackard, Munchkin Czar

Stop by booth 1301 in the Gen Con Dealer's Hall each day to register for seats at the table with that night's special guest. We'll choose six winners for each night!


Tavern on South
423 W. South Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225. (Upstairs)

Directions from Gen Con:
From the corner of W Maryland St. and S Capitol Ave. go South for 0.3 miles. Once you reach W South St., go right. The destination will be on your left in about 0.2 miles.

Swag Rules

PINT GLASS: Once per game per different style of Munchkin Tavern pint glass, you may go up a level on your turn when you drain the glass. (The drink need not be alcoholic!)

SHOT GLASS: Once per game per different style of Munchkin Tavern shot glass, when someone else is losing a combat, you may "take a shot for the team." Take a shot from the Tavern Shot Glass and then roll to Run Away from a single monster on behalf of the player you're helping. If you succeed, or the monster's Bad Stuff would not affect you, then nothing happens. If you fail and the Bad Stuff does affect you, draw a face-down Treasure card after you resolve the Bad Stuff, unless you are Dead.

TOTE BAG: For each style of Munchkin Tavern tote bag you have at the table, you may carry (and use, if legal) one extra Big item.

SHIRT: Once per game per different style of Munchkin Tavern shirt you are wearing, you may draw a face-down Treasure before Kicking Open The Door. For purpose of other shirt rules, all Munchkin Tavern shirts collectively count as a single shirt.

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