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July 24, 2017: Hot Stuff

No, I'm not just talking about the mid-July climate in Austin. We had some a bunch of stuff move forward last week!

Munchkin Collectible Card Game: The core game left production and went to Miranda Horner for prepress checks. This is a vital step in making sure we haven't made any dumb mistakes, or at least that we really meant to make them if we did. Once Miranda is satisfied that everything is perfect (spoiler: it's never perfect), it will go to a premortem meeting where a team dissects every card and every page of rules to see if we can do things even better. This is one of our most important releases in years, so we're going to be extra picky. More news about this when we have news to share!

Munchkin in 2018: We had a premortem for our first 2018 Munchkin release, and it should be going to print in the next couple of days. Woo! I would love to tell you what it is, but we're saving that announcement for the Munchkin Tavern. I playtested a couple of other 2018 Munchkin sets with some of my tolerant co-workers, and their feedback has already been very helpful in refining my ideas and getting these expansions ready to move to the next steps. Steve's been hard at work on his own 2018 Munchkin projects, which I can't tell you about in any detail except to say that they're awesome and are going to make a very big splash when we're finally ready to announce them.

Munchkin Special Delivery: You guys are wonderful. Thank you for all the support you gave our little "flash" Kickstarter! We've got the box order ready to go (it may have gone in by the time you read this!) and I've worked up revised, expanded cookbooks for the swag that will go inside. Will we have more Munchkin Kickstarter projects? Make sure to follow our social media feeds to find out!

Munchkin at Gen Con: We had our first pre-Gen Con meeting, where we learned we will be running a lot of Munchkin in our booth at Gen Con 50. Munchkin Shakespeare Deluxe will be a star of the show, of course, but our Munchkin table will host some other games over the con, possibly including some things you don't know about yet . . .

That's enough for one week, I think . . . but I have to hit the ground running this week if I want to keep up with all the new things that are coming my way. The fun never stops!

-- Andrew Hackard

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