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Munchkin® Special Delivery™
Munchkin® Special Delivery™

Illustrated by Andrew Frisch * Designed by Andrew Hackard

Over $80 worth of loot, including one item signed by Steve Jackson!
Price $45.00 * Stock #3937
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No two boxes are alike, and you're guaranteed to get one item signed by Steve Jackson!

Munchkin Special Delivery – a pile of Munchkin loot for just a couple of gold pieces! This ready-to-ship box comes crammed full of Munchkin delights; each contains a core set, plus some combination of expansions, boosters, and accessories. And it comes with a rule printed right on the box! This is a limited-quantity item.

The specially designed box is made for shipping; when you order it we'll slap on a shipping label and send it on its way.


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