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Based on artwork by John Kovalic * Sculpted by Richard Kerr

+6 Bag o' Munchkin Zombies

6 zombie pawns and 2 Munchkin Zombies cards.
Suggested Retail Price $6.95 * Stock #5568 * UPC 837654321980
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+6 Bag o' Munchkin Legends

6 Munchkin Legends pawns and 2 cards. * Suggested Retail Price $6.95
Stock #5582 * UPC 837654322307
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Out of Print:

+6 Bag o' Munchkin Pawns

6 male pawns. * Suggested Retail Price $6.95
Stock #5504 * ISBN 978-1-55634-794-8
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+6 Bag o' Munchkin Babes

6 female pawns. * Suggested Retail Price $5.99
Stock #5505 * UPC 837654320334
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+8 Bag o' Munchkin Babes & Pawns

4 male and 4 female pawns. * Price $10.00 * Stock #5555
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Official Munchkin Plastic Bag!

Extra bonus: free Munchkins – now in the sex of your choice!

That's right, now we've got both Munchkins and Munchkin Babes in eleven colors – the four colors in Munchkin Quest, the purple and orange from Munchkin Quest 2 – Looking for Trouble, plus black, pink, clear, frosted, and glow in the dark. You can get male Munchkin pawns, like those found in the initial set, or female Munchkin pawns, each wielding the Unnatural Axe.

The obvious thing to do is to keep the Munchkin pawns around for the day one is lost, or throw the Munchkin Babes into your Munchkin Quest box and use the correct pawn for whatever sex your character happens to be at that moment.

But if you're truly evil – and your friends let you get away with it – you'll show the world just what a munchkin you really are by using these pawns in other games.

In Munchkin

Any time you are entitled to go up a level – or when you do something that WOULD earn you a level if you weren't already Level 9 – you may, instead, place a munchkin pawn in front of you. In any combat, you may discard it for a 1d6 bonus. You may only have one in front of you at a time. Unless, of course, you "lose" these rules and tell the other players that you're allowed to have more. Six is a good number.

In Other Games

Because you're a munchkin, you may claim a munchkin advantage for using these pawns in ANY game. For instance:

  • In any roll-and-move game, if you use the munchkin as your pawn rather than one that came with the game, then once per game you may add or subtract 1 space to the move you roll.
  • In any game in which you start with money, then if you use the munchkin as your pawn, you start with 10% extra. Round up, of course.
  • In chess, a munchkin pawn can move forward two spaces at any time.

If you create your own official rules for using the Munchkin pawn in other games, please share your rules with us at the Steve Jackson Games forums.


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