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June 29, 2015: We Are Closed

Steve Jackson Games is closed this week for our regular summer break. This means that no one will be on phones and Warehouse 23 will not be shipping any orders this week.

Business as usual resumes next week (although not for me, as I'll be taking an extra week off).

-- Andrew Hackard

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June 22, 2015: Booster Card Promotion Wrap-Up

Over on the forums, we were asked whether we considered the booster promotion a success and whether we would do it again. It's a great question that I thought deserved more of an audience, so I'm answering it here.

Was the promotion a success?

I would say it was mixed. We certainly saw a lot of interest from fans over the months that it ran, and every day's mail had a sheaf of people sending in their forms and their UPCs and their money (more about that in a moment), so from the perspective of fan engagement, absolutely it was successful.

We fell down in a couple of areas, however, and in ways that in retrospect we should have seen coming.

First, the card needed to be cooler. This is entirely on me; I underestimated the desire for unique, wonderful effects on a one-off card and failed to create a card that stood out as "Whoa!" If you see me at a show and bring me the card, I'll make it cooler, I promise. (I don't know how yet, but I've got a whole MONTH before Gen Con to figure it out.)

Second, we failed to account for the Warehouse 23 boosters in this promotion, because they don't have UPCs. We allowed fans to send in the little insert instead, and most people either figured it out on their own or asked about it.

Third, and something we would have known immediately if we had only asked our business office: it turned out that the processing fees on foreign checks were more than the money they were worth. A lot of foreign fans ended up getting cards for just the cost of postage as a result. Whoops. This is definitely something we will have to account for if we do redemption-type promotions in the future.

Overall, we're very happy with how it went . . . but we're gamers, and it's in our nature to nitpick.

Will we do another similar promotion again?

Too early to tell. We don't have anything like this planned at this time, and we would be unlikely to do something exactly the same in any event. But redemption codes and the like are mainstays of marketing for a reason, and I can easily see us finding something new to do with the concept.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

-- Andrew Hackard

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June 15, 2015: Welcome Back, Alain!

Old-time fans may remember the name Alain H. Dawson. She was our Art Director in the late 1990s and was responsible, among MANY other coups, for bringing us Chez Geek and for hiring Phil Reed to be her replacement after she was promoted to Managing Editor. Alain was also my boss when I transitioned from a brief stint in the marketing office (which was actually Steve's office closet -- really!) to the editorial division.

I am very pleased to announce that Alain is back in the fold! She has joined us, working as the Munchkin Licensing Manager. She's going to be our liaison with our third-party publishers such as Boom! Studios and USAopoly, taking a lot of the routine back-and-forth off my plate so that I can focus on the bigger picture and get some more time for design work. And our partners should see faster responses, since Alain has nothing distracting her!

It's always nice to reconnect with old friends, and it's doubly nice when we can do it in a way that is a win for everyone involved. Thanks to Alain for stepping in, and welcome back to the Steve Jackson Games family!

-- Andrew Hackard

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June 8, 2015: Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe Has Been Slightly Delayed

Unfortunately, the realities of printing and shipping mean that Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe, originally scheduled for September (with an early Launch Kit release in July) has pushed back a month into October (with the Launch Kit in August). We regret the unavoidable delay and trust that Steampunk will be well worth the wait.

As a reminder, for those of you asking "What's this Launch Kit, guv?": game stores can order the Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe Launch Kit to get the game two months early. Each Launch Kit contains three copies of Steampunk Deluxe plus FREE posters and promo cards for stores to use to promote the new game. Gadzooks! (If a store wants more than three copies, they can order more Launch Kits; it's not a limited offer, except by the number of kits we printed.) Store owners should contact their distributors for more information.

We at Munchkin Central can't wait for you all to enjoy Steve's jokes and Phil Foglio's art in the newest Munchkin game. Bully, bully!

-- Andrew Hackard

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June 1, 2015: Announcements!

Time for another quick recap of news in the Munchkin world!

  • Munchkin Treasure Hunt is coming to your FLGS! Look for it on shelves in October.
  • Munchkin Adventure Time 2 -- It's a Dungeon Crawl! should be on shelves NOW (or very, very soon).
  • We did a special Munchkin promo card for The Decemberists; it's on the merch table at their shows. There may be other ways to get it; watch the Daily Illuminator, our Twitter stream, and of course right here!
  • Issue #5 of the Munchkin comic book came out last week from BOOM! Studios -- go grab it at your local shop now so you don't miss out on the newest promo card!

All that news in just one week! No wonder I'm making myself sick working so hard. I'm going to go relax . . . just kidding! Too many awesome things to do; can't slack off now!

-- Andrew Hackard

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May 25, 2015: Memorial Day

We're closed today, in honor of all those who have given their lives in military service.

-- Andrew Hackard

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May 18, 2015: Double Dragons!

We've got a double dose of Dragons coming up later this year. Also check out our new packaging for Munchkin boosters -- now you can find them pegged with the larger tuckbox expansions!

Munchkin Dragons Munchkin Dragons (reprint)

Here There Be Dragons!

Dragons are fearsome! Dragons are cool! Dragons have LOTS of treasure for munchkins to loot! Munchkin Dragons has 15 new cards. The treasures are wondrous indeed . . . but first, you've got some dragons to slay. Good luck.

This is an expansion for Munchkin. It is not a stand-alone game. This is NOT a collectible or randomized set. Every Munchkin Dragons pack is the same as every other.

Munchkin Dragons Trike Munchkin Dragon's Trike

Now You've Done It!

You stirred up the nest and now Dragons are everywhere! Big ones, tiny ones, even undead ones. Munchkin Dragon's Trike has 15 new cards. Kill enough Dragons and you might even be able to start your own treasure hoard . . .

-- Andrew Hackard

(P.S. Happy birthday, Mom!)

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