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April 17, 2017: Shakespeare Update

Just a quick note to tell you the status of the various pieces.

  • Kill-O-Meter, Drama Dice, Staged Demo: Completed and sent to print!
  • Pawns (Shakespearean versions of Spyke and Flower), Blank Card Pack: designing packaging, should go to print very soon
  • Shakespeare Deluxe, Limited Engagement: mostly done with some pieces still being laid out; we hope these will go to print by the end of this week but it may be next week
  • Colouring Book: will go to print at the same time Limited Engagement does, since it's one of those components
  • Bookmark of Firsties: will go to print soon but probably not immediately, since its turnaround time is much shorter

I'll be out of the office most if not all of next week, doing the bulk of the work for a crosstown move into my new house, so Devin will be offering a peek under the hood of the Collectible Card Game. See y'all in May!

-- Andrew Hackard

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April 10, 2017: Munchkin Thingies Updated

Munchkin ThingiesWe have a free download on Warehouse 23 called Munchkin Thingies that lists the Classes, Races, etc. found in every Steve Jackson Games Munchkin game or expansion.

Or that's the theory.

Turns out, we've let it fall a bit out of date. So we just uploaded a new version that includes content from Munchkin Grimm Tidings, Moop's Monster Mashup, Munchkin Oz, and Munchkin Steampunk . . . and we included a preview of the new Class and Faction in Munchkin Pathfinder 2! It even covers Munchkin Shakespeare Deluxe!

If you have a W23 account and previously downloaded Munchkin Thingies, the new version is already in your download library. If you don't have an account or haven't already downloaded Munchkin Thingies, now is the perfect time!

Reminder: BackerKit Closes In One Week

Speaking of Munchkin Shakespeare, if you wanted to confirm your pledge or you want to preorder Munchkin Shakespeare Deluxe and all the other goodies we're producing along with it, you have one more week to sign on to BackerKit and ensure you'll get everything you wanted. Click here to preorder!

-- Andrew Hackard

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April 3, 2017: Tupelo After-Action Report

Coming to the Tupelo Comic Con, I wasn't sure what to expect; smaller shows are often a bit of a crapshoot as to quality.

Having now attended and enjoyed the show, I have some thoughts.

First, I want to commend the con staff for bouncing back from a really bad situation. Early Saturday morning, the first day of the show, the person who had volunteered to set up the concessions backed out. Between greater-than-normal attendance and some miscommunication with the front-desk staff, this didn't actually get to anyone's attention until it was time for lunch and no lunch was to be had. Credit where it is due: the convention staff rolled with the punch and got some takeout pizza which, while not enough for everyone, at least helped to quell the growing hunger. (And with a couple of Walking Dead actors in attendance, that hunger could have been bad.) On Sunday, they made VERY sure to have plenty of concessions for attendees and set up a truly lavish spread for guests -- clearly, they took Saturday's unfortunate events to heart and were determined not to have a repeat. What happened on Saturday wasn't good for anyone, but major props to the convention for not letting it overshadow the rest of the convention.

The game area was toward the back of the venue and didn't get as much foot traffic as I'd hoped. That said, the people who did come to play games obviously had a good time, and the show had a truly impressive game library for a smallish, second-year convention. I ended up teaching plenty of Simon's Cat and Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game, one hard-fought game of Bill & Ted's Excellent Boardgame, and even some Munchkin off and on. I also had a half-illustrated prototype of Munchkin Shakespeare, which was oohed and aahed at by several people who backed the recent Kickstarter. We got to play it Sunday night after the hall closed. I did not win. This is not a surprise.

I hosted a couple of panels with interested people who asked great questions. Thanks to the attendees!

Finally, I was privileged to share the bill with several great guests, including Power Ranger Walter Jones, Captain America Reb Brown, and someone I never thought I'd get to meet, much less share a shuttle bus with, Mira Furlan (Delenn on Babylon 5 and Rousseau on Lost). All the guests were lovely and I had a wonderful time.

I want to thank Jamey Nunley and his crew for inviting me to the show, with special thanks to Man In Black Witt Sullivan for being an excellent host and tour guide this weekend. I certainly hope there will be a third Tupelo Comic Con next year, and I encourage anyone in the area to attend -- it's a great time and a fun little show that deserves to become a fun big show.

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March 27, 2017: Tupelo Comic Con

I'm going to be a guest at Tupelo Comic Con this weekend, April 1-2. I'll be giving a couple of presentations about Munchkin and the game industry in general and am apparently going to be in a celebrity Munchkin game at some point. (I hope the celebrity is cool!) I'll also be hanging around the demo area showing off some games, just possibly including an early peek at Munchkin Shakespeare . . .

If you're in the neighborhood, drop on by and say howdy!

-- Andrew Hackard

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March 20, 2017: Back Home, Back To Work

Today's the first day that I've been in the office since March 2, and after a week of vacation on the JoCo Cruise and a week of meeting our partners at USAopoly and in Las Vegas at the GAMA Trade Show, it's a relief to be standing at my own desk looking at the pile of work that has accumulated in my absence. (Even if I am recovering from the worst cold I've had in a couple of years – thanks, Bally's!)

My top priority this week is to push hard on the games and accessories that came out of the Munchkin Shakespeare Kickstarter. We're getting closer to having BackerKit up and ready to go and we want to be able to show you more of the art when that happens. Luckily, a lot of my development work was completed before I left, and I braved the world's worst hotel Internet to approve dozens more pieces while I was in Vegas. (Thanks, Bally's!) I fully expect that all the Shakespeare projects will go to print on time.

I'm also going to be helping Devin with the Munchkin Collectible Card Game. We got some encouraging news out of our meetings in Las Vegas and it's time to kick this whale across the finish line! (I . . . don't think that's a real metaphor. But it ought to be!)

Speaking of GAMA, several of Phil's meetings last week were very productive and point to more work coming at me like a freight train very shortly. I'd better enjoy this slight respite while I have it!

-- Andrew Hackard

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March 13, 2017: Shakespeare Wrap-Up, USAopoly, And GAMA

Three, count 'em, three bits of business this week!

Munchkin Shakespeare Deluxe Wrap-Up

Whew! We ended up with 5,280 backers who raised a total of $295,109. We didn't quite reach the $300,000 stretch goal that would have given us a bigger, rounder gameboard, but we aren't going to let that distract us from the huge success of our first Munchkin Kickstarter. Thanks to everyone who made this happen! 

USAopoly Visit

On Monday, Rhea and I will be visiting the USAopoly office north of San Diego. I've been there several times, but it's Rhea's first visit – I know she'll be impressed! With only one work day in southern California, we have to make the most of it!

GAMA Trade Show

Then, on Tuesday, we'll join the rest of the team at Bally's in Las Vegas for the GAMA Trade Show. This is always a great chance to meet the retailers who sell our games and talk about what will be coming up in the next year or so. As is becoming tradition, we will be hosting a penthouse party for our retail partners and other special invited guests. Anyone who is at GAMA and wants to attend should be sure to go to one of Phil Reed's presentations on Tuesday afternoon to get the details!

This is GAMA's last year in Vegas before shifting to Reno in 2018, so we're going to make sure to do it right!

And, to bring this update full circle, watch our social media to find out about a special Ides of March Shakespeare live video stream coming to you direct from Las Vegas on Wednesday!

-- Andrew Hackard

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March 6, 2017: Avast Ye! Last Week To Back Munchkin Shakespeare

Arr, I be postin' this update from the deep blue sea! (Unless I wrote it ahead of time, but where be the fun in that?)

Before I head up to the mizzenmast to soak up some bonny rays, I wanted t' remind ye that this is th' last week of our Munchkin Shakespeare Kickstarter! Ye be runnin' out of time to join our scurvy crew and get a new Munchkin game plus loads of other cool booty. Back it now . . . at the end of the week, this promotion joins Davy Jones at the ocean floor!

-- Andrew Hackard

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