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September 19, 2016: Taking A Breather

As you might expect for a 15th anniversary, 2016 has been (and continues to be) a very busy year for Munchkin. Design and production lead times being what they are, my preparation for all of the goodness this year began right after Gen Con 2015 and didn't slow down much right up through Gen Con 2016 and the month afterward.

One happy result is that I'm way ahead of the schedule for the first time in, um, ever. All Munchkin releases through July 2017 are already at print, and hopefully by the end of October we'll have everything through August 2017 at print or on its way back across the ocean. With this much lead time, it means I get to take a breath and work on some things that often get put on the back burner when we're in a production crunch: bookmarks, Designer's Notes, and some long-term planning that often feels like an indulgence when we're under the gun. Currently, I'm doing some preliminary design work on a 2018 Munchkin game and providing support for both Steve and Devin on their upcoming projects (notably the Munchkin Collectible Card Game, which is starting to see some really fine art coming in from our team). I've even had a chance to make a very tentative schedule through 2020 – it will change, of course, but even having a vague, somewhat inaccurate map is an improvement over not having one at all.

This breather won't last – they never do – but it's nice for now to be able to step back and take a wider and longer view.

(Check this space next week for a festive announcement!)

-- Andrew Hackard

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September 12, 2016: A Quick Note From Our Sponsor

I don't often use Munchkin News to point at non-Munchkin items, but sometimes there's a good reason for it, and now is one of those times.

We are in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign for the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game. If you are not a roleplayer and want an idea of where the whole idea of Munchkin came from, this boxed set is one way to get into that side of the hobby. And if you're really new and just want a quick taste of what the GURPS game is like, you can download a PDF of GURPS Lite for the very low price of FREE and check it out.

If you're interested in the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, we hope you'll consider making a pledge. We're very proud of this project that the GURPS team (especially GURPS Line Editor Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch) has put together, and we're eager to get our own copies here at Munchkin Central.

Thanks for letting us take a break from our own news. We'll be back to talking about Munchkin next week.

-- Andrew Hackard

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September 5, 2016: Announcing Munchkin Grimm Tidings

Munchkin Grimm TidingsI'm very pleased that I can finally reveal one of my secret projects: Munchkin Grimm Tidings! This is a 114-card stand-alone game for three or four players, with the original brown fantasy card backs so you can use any other fantasy-themed expansion or booster with it, or mix this into Munchkin Oz or your favorite other fantasy-themed set.

You can read a lot more about the development process in my Grimm Tidings Designer's Notes.

Munchkin Grimm Tidings is available exclusively at Walgreens; click the link to find the store nearest you!

-- Andrew Hackard

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August 29, 2016: PAX West

It's that time of year again: PAX Prime West is upon us! I will not be in Seattle this year, unfortunately, but we are sending some staff and our usual cadre of the intrepid Pacific Northwest MIBs to help show off a lot of our great games, including the Munchkin Guest Artist Editions and plenty of other great new games.

Also, we'll have a Munchkin announcement. #buriedlede

If you're going to the show, have a great time! If not, have a great time doing whatever you're doing this Labor Day weekend. If it includes playing some Munchkin, hit us up on social media and tag #PlayMunchkin so we know about it!

-- Andrew Hackard

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August 22, 2016: Munchkin The Collectible Card Game Update

Hello everyone! We've been pretty quiet about the Munchkin The Collectible Card Game since the announcement at the GAMA Trade Show in March. That's because we've been hard at work, playtesting the cards and all of the possible combinations. There's more balancing involved in a CCG than in a trapeze act. We've had Eric Lang and Kevin Wilson, the designers, on speed dial, and we could not have gotten this far without their design and their help with the development of the game. Thanks, guys!
Of course, CCGs have a lot of moving parts. While all of the testing has been going on, we've also been busy naming the cards and coming up with hundreds of art specs for our talented artists! Those specs are bearing fruit and we've got some truly amazing art coming in that I can't wait to share with you in a future post.
One of the most important steps in developing a game is the writing of the official rulebook. This is one of the most important pieces of our game and we're striving to get it just right. If you can't understand how to play the game, and I'm not leaning over your shoulder to tell you what you're doing wrong, then we've failed the game and we've failed our players. So, no pressure there!
All of that adds up to one thing: Progress! Everything is coming together nicely and we plan to have the game ready for you all to play at Board Game Geek Con this November!
Of course, once we've got this done, we don't get to rest . . . on to the expansions!

-- Devin Lewis

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August 15, 2016: Gen Con 2016 Wrap-Up

Gen Con 2016 was a blast!

-- Andrew Hackard


OK, I can be a little more detailed. There were lots of non-Munchkin awesome things we did, but here I'll focus on the Munchkin side.

Moop's Monster Mashup debuted at this show and we showed it off to lots of eager Munchkin fans. The crazy combinations of animals appealed to Munchkin players who have a silly side . . . which seems to be all of them. Unfortunately, we didn't really have space in the booth for full games, but I know our Men In Black were able to make up that deficiency in their area. Thanks, gang! We also showed off several Guest Artist Editions and teased some upcoming releases, such as a second wave of Monster Boxes and Munchkin Playmats coming up for the holidays. And fans got several chances to get the autographs of their favorite Munchkin creators!

Of course, the highlight of the show for us was the return of the Munchkin Tavern – our thanks again to Steve and his team at Tavern on South for hosting us! We had several special "dinners with the stars" and made a bunch of cool announcements:

It was a great show and we're definitely looking forward to how we can continue to improve in 2017. Thanks to everyone who made it to Indianapolis to see us this year!

-- Andrew Hackard

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August 8, 2016: Errata For Moop's Monster Mashup

Moop's Monster MashupThis is embarrassing.

We have discovered some significant errata in our new game, Moop's Monster Mashup, and while we don't usually make a news post about mistakes, we think these are important enough to warrant it. (Plus, they're easy to correct.)

  • Monkey Moop and Multiple Mini-Moops should not have +4 Bonus at the top of the card. The rest of the text is correct.
  • Tiger-Tooth Saber has two errors. We omitted +2 Bonus from the top of the card and it should say 1 Hand, not -1 Hand.

We apologize for these errors, which will be fixed when we reprint this game. As a reminder, we have a page showing the errata for all Munchkin games; check there if you think you've found a mistake!

Gen Con Wrap-Up Forthcoming

Want to know what I thought about Gen Con? So do I! Our team is flying home today, so we'll have some post-show thoughts in next week's Munchkin News. After I've slept.

-- Andrew Hackard

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