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October 5, 2015: Munchkin Oz Designer's Notes

Munchkin OzLast week, we posted the Star Munchkin 3 Designer's Notes. This week, we're peeking behind the curtain to look at all the secrets of another new game: Munchkin Oz. Adapting these classic stories to Munchkin was one of the most fun challenges I've faced in my time as Czar, and this article gives you a look at some of them, including the reasons why several things that seemed like obvious design choices at the start ended up not working at all. It also peeks at several cards from the game and discusses several others.

After you read the article, why not come discuss it on the Munchkin forum?

(You can also read John Kovalic's thoughts about Munchkin Oz in the September 25 Daily Illuminator, and you should, because they're great.)

(For even more bonus Oz content, pick up issue #9 of the Munchkin comic from BOOM! Studios; there's a six-page Oz backup story illustrated by Mike Luckas and written by, um, me. Find out what happens when Spyke and Flower meet some real Munchkins . . .)

-- Andrew Hackard

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September 28, 2015: Star Munchkin 3 Designer's Notes

Star Munchkin 3We've posted the Designer's Notes for Star Munchkin 3 – Diplomatic Impunity. Find out:

  • How the Ambassador and Veggie were created!
  • What features were (and weren't) included from previous Star Munchkin sets!
  • The (nearly?) complete list of source material Andrew used when writing the new cards!
  • Why we included a 113th card in the first printing . . . and which card was the last-minute addition!

Enjoy reading the article . . . and then come visit the Munchkin forum to share your thoughts! And if you don't know anything about Star Munchkin, check out the Star Munchkin Cosmic Demo, coming in November.

-- Andrew Hackard

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September 21, 2015: More Tips For Winning At Munchkin

Our friends at Classic Board Games HQ posted an article called the Top 5 Tips To Destroy Your Friends At Munchkin. We're big fans of winning games of Munchkin, of course, so we wanted to offer a few tips that they missed.

  1. Embrace Death. Dying in Munchkin isn't always a bad thing. You keep your Level, Race, and Class (or whatever attributes are used in your game), followed by getting an entirely new starting hand worth of cards. Many clever Munchkin players have turned mediocre situations into a win just by getting themselves killed. After all, nothing says a Loaded Die has to be used to change the die to a winning roll . . .
  2. Threats are your friend! In the game, that is. "If you don't accept help from Darryll, I won't play this Curse on you!" The best part of threatening to use Curses or Monster Enhancers is that you don't actually need to have any in your hand to get away with it . . .
  3. Read your cards. Read your cards. Just once more for emphasis: Read your cards! Know all the abilities on your Class, Race, Items, and so on. Knowing exactly what your cards let you get away with can very often mean the difference between winning and losing. In Munchkin Steampunk, for example, the Tycoon lets you draw a Treasure once per turn when you go up a level. I can't stress enough how many times I've seen players forget this ability. If you start the game as a Tycoon, that's eight extra Treasures you can draw (more if you fluctuate up and down). Read your cards!

Check out even more advice over at Classic Board Games HQ . . . and post your best winning tips for Munchkin, or any of our games, in our forums!

-- Devin Lewis

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September 14, 2015: The Dragons Have Descended!

Munchkin Dragons cover thumbailMunchkin Dragon's Trike coverThanks to you guys selling through the initial print run in record time, the second printing of our Munchkin Dragons booster is available now or will be, very shortly, at your Friendly Local Game Store. Hot on its heels is our second booster chock full of draconian goodness, Munchkin Dragon's Trike! It starts shipping to our distributors today, so expect to see it in your local stores in a couple of weeks.

Not only are Munchkin dragons swarming your local stores, we've stumbled over a nest of them deep inside our own warehouse. Place your orders at Warehouse 23 now to receive a dragon-themed Munchkin bookmark, while supplies last!

-- Devin Lewis

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September 7, 2015: Fan Expo Canada After-Action Report

As I write this Sunday night, I'm sitting at Atlanta-Hartsfield Airport, scarfing down chili-cheese fries and thinking over the fantastic weekend I just had. Some highlights:

  • I was on three panels and they all went very well. (If you weren't at Phil Reed's and my "Behind the Scenes at SJ Games" panel on Saturday, you missed some secrets being revealed!) Thanks to my co-panelists and to all the audience members who asked fantastic questions; you made the panels work at least as much as we did.
  • I got to meet up with lots of friends, old and new, including Jim Zub, Greg Hyland, Katie Cook, Eric Lang, and Robin Laws. Extra thanks to Zub and Eric Lang for making sure I did not leave Toronto without experiencing some of the fantastic cuisine, including a dish of poutine that was practically a religious experience.
  • The Central Canada Men In Black ran a tight demo ship. They let me take over a table for a couple of Not-So-Secret Playtests, which gave me loads of good feedback on a couple of games that aren't quite there yet. Thanks, team!
  • SUPER thanks to the Fan Expo team, especially Justin Mohareb, who invited Phil and me up, and the Travel Team who made sure I made it back to the airport with enough time to spare. Justin, let's do this again really soon.

An extra-special NO THANKS to Delta Airlines, who lost a backup pilot it turned out we needed just long enough for us to get hit with another weather delay, canceling our flight from Detroit to Toronto. And when they rebooked us on another flight about 45 minutes later (note: they were not SCHEDULED that close together), apparently no one thought that half a plane full of travelers would need their luggage; Phil and I were only two of a dozen or more people who ended up not getting their bags once we finally made it to Toronto. The weather isn't Delta's fault, but not knowing where their reserve pilot was hiding was a completely avoidable screwup.

If you're in the Toronto area or can get there, I highly recommend Fan Expo; apart from the impressive gaming track and game room, there are TONS of other activities to enjoy and great celebrity guests to meet. Plus, Toronto is awesome. I hope the next time I'm there, I get to see a little more of it.

-- Andrew Hackard

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August 31, 2015: Reminder: Phil And Andrew At Fan Expo Canada

Phil and I will be attending Fan Expo Canada in Toronto, September 4-6. We're both doing several panels (including one "Behind the Scenes at SJ Games" panel that we're BOTH on) and we'd love to see you there!

I'll also be running some games, including some playtests, and I'll be happy to sign stuff, too. Hope to see you there!

Munchkin Fu Guest Artist Edition!

Quick, go look at today's Daily Illuminator for the announcement of the Munchkin Fu Guest Artist Edition . . . with a very unusual guest artist!

-- Andrew Hackard

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August 24, 2015: Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe At RTX

A few weeks ago, we attended RTX here in Austin, where I got to demo the fantastic Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe. This was my first official convention giving Munchkin demos and I was blown away.
We brought a number of games for people to play, but by FAR the most popular game of the weekend was our sneak peek of Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe.
On Friday we had so many games, the chairs were rarely empty for more than five minutes, with a LOT of rubberneckers taking pictures, press coming by to try to get early information, and fans asking how long we'd have the game available at the con.
On Saturday and Sunday, everyone who stopped by on Friday came back ready to play. We didn't have a single time either day when the chairs got a chance to cool before new butts were planted in them. A few people even tried to buy the demo game! (Yes, there are cards that give bonuses for the owner of the game . . . and as good Munchkin players, they were trying to win.)
Everyone was excited by their early access and wanted to know exactly when Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe would come out. We sent them all away with instructions to remind their Friendly Local Game Stores to order the Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe Launch Kit (each kit has three games plus a whole lot of promos!) and to find out which stores will be running launch events (a LOT of stores are). For those stores that can't get the Launch Kits, the game by itself will be shipping to stores in October.
-- Carl deSoto
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