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March 2, 2015: Happy Independence Day!

March 2 is the day Texans celebrate their declaration of independence from Mexico, back in 1836. (Mexico didn't exactly accept it peacefully, you may recall.) This year, Warehouse 23 is celebrating by making Munchkin blank cards available again!

As for me, I'm celebrating being done (or at least very close to done) with a Very Important Munchkin Project that has eaten my brain for the past few months. Now I can refocus my attention on all the other things that have been . . . uh . . . piling . . .

Wow, that's a whole lot of stuff to work on. Better get started. After all, 2016 is a lot closer than we think.

-- Andrew Hackard

(A personal postscript: I wrote this item a couple of weeks ago. On Saturday, my grandfather passed away. I'm taking this week off to spend time with my family. I'll be jumping on my ever-increasing to-do list next week instead. Thanks to everyone who has already expressed your condolences; they really do mean a lot. -AH)

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February 23, 2015: Notes From A Hireling

Hello everyone!

You might find yourself wondering "Just what does a Munchkin Hireling do?" Well aside from the obvious carrying of things my co-workers can't, I also have a number of very important duties. I make a lot of jokes (some of them so bad they wind up on Munchkin cards,) I remind Andrew that there are these things called deadlines, I help shepherd art from the talented hands of John Kovalic through the approvals process and into the hands of our amazing production department, and, most importantly, I avoid anyone with a Kill the Hireling card!

-- Devin Lewis

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February 16, 2015: Munchkin World NYC Is [Sigh] Over.

We had a fantastic time and hope everyone who attended did as well. I want to congratulate everyone from SJ Games on their hard work pulling this together -- it was the very definition of a team effort, with everyone on staff involved at one time or another. Thanks, y'all; I'm proud to be working with you. Special thanks to MIBs Sean and Melissa Ferris, who gave up their entire weekend to work in the store with us.

I'm flying back home today (because I've done two trips back to back and I am TIRED) while the rest of the team dismantles the store and comes home tomorrow and Wednesday. It's going to be tough to go back to the dull routine after the excitement of putting our very own New York store together, but we'll manage somehow.

Thanks again to everyone who came by and visited Munchkin World NYC!

OHH, and congratulations to Brian Shanks, the winner of the Munchkin Invitational! The final round was Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe (using a handmade prototype set), and he got to keep the set as his prize . . . or he would have, had he not offered it as a bribe to another player for help in the winning combat. A munchkinly play indeed!

-- Andrew Hackard

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February 9, 2015: Munchkin World NYC Is Almost Here!

It's hard to believe but I just got back into town, and later this week I'll be flying (with a whole lot of my loyal co-workers!) to New York for Munchkin World NYC! It's been months in the planning and we hope everyone who shows up has a great time. Hope to see y'all there!

-- Andrew Hackard

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February 2, 2015: New Shirts! WINNING Shirts!

The Dread Gazebo

Remember that Munchkin t-shirt design contest from welovefine? Well, the winners have been posted, and boy are they great! Go check them out, and get ready to buy some sweet shirts! I know I will.

-- Brian Engard

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January 26, 2015: JoCo Cruise!

I know it seems like Munchkin News has been an unending series of appearances this month . . . that's because we're so dang busy!

Steve Jackson, Monica Stephens, and I will be among the Sea Monkeys on JoCo Cruise 5, setting sail January 31. It's WAY too late to book a trip, but if you're already going to be sailing with us, make sure you swing by the Game Room (which we're sponsoring this year!); Steve and I will be spending a lot of time there showing off our new releases and probably even playtesting some games still in progress. Plus we hope to play some games from other companies! The highlight for me is likely to be a trip to see the Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico, which I've always wanted to do. I will try not to kill Sean Bean while I'm there. We'll also be hanging out in the Game Room that we sponsored, playing more games!

You might also get to see Steve and I design a game RIGHT THERE ON THE SHIP. Y'know, if you're into that sort of thing.

Everyone else, I guess we'll see you when we're back on dry land. Yarrr!

-- Andrew Hackard

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January 19, 2015: PAX South!

Steve Jackson Games will have a booth at PAX South in San Antonio this weekend! Officially, I'm not scheduled to be there, but unofficially I may drop by -- it's practically in our backyard, after all.

-- Andrew Hackard

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