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July 28, 2014: Local Conventions

Hello, loyal Munchkin fanatics! Team Munchkin is going to be at a couple of local conventions next weekend, and we'd love to see you at one of them if you're able to attend!

The REALLY local con is Board Game Bash, now in its fourth year of bringing board gaming to Austin. We've been part of BGB since it started, and we're happy to support them again this year!

We're also going to have a booth at San Antonio Comic Con, in beautiful downtown San Antonio (be sure to grab a margarita on the Riverwalk!). I'm going to be there Saturday to sign stuff and play some games -- San Antonio is my home town, so it's always nice to get back for a day or two! (And this show will be a good test for PAX South, coming up in January . . .)

Of course, if you can't come melt with us in central Texas in August, we'll have other appearances, starting in just a couple of weeks with Gen Con! See y'all at the Tavern!

-- Andrew Hackard

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July 21, 2014: San Diego

Today, Phil Reed and I fly out to San Diego! Tomorrow, we'll be concocting evil plans with our collaborators at USAopoly (publishers of the imminent Munchkin Adventure Time!). Wednesday through Friday, we'll be in and around San Diego Comic-Con, meeting happy fans and having yet more evil planning sessions with People Who Cannot Be Named, before flying home Saturday. I expect to be spending some of my time at the Geek & Sundry space, of course, so come on by and say hello! (And there's a chance we might swing by Gam3rCon, too . . .)

-- Andrew Hackard

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July 14, 2014: Munchkin Messenger Bag Now On Amazon

Munchkin Messenger Bag

If you carry around as much Munchkin as I do, you've certainly had the unpleasant experience of opening a backpack or cheap convention tote bag to find cards scattered all over and a half-open box sitting there. Mocking you.

Fortunately, that need never happen again!

We've partnered with Amazon to give* y'all the spiffy and functional Munchkin Messenger Bag, which holds your favorite Munchkin games and even has room for all the accessories you need to win!

Grab yours today!

-- Andrew Hackard

* Sell, actually. But we really really want you to have one, so please buy!

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July 7, 2014: Andrew's Panel Schedule At Gen Con

I was lucky enough to be chosen as an Industry Insider Guest of Honor for Gen Con this year, which means that I get caviar and champagne every morning, am carried to the convention on a litter by burly manservants, and . . . Oh, wait, no.

Actually, it means that I get to be on some really cool panels with some really awesome other game industry people. In case you're going to Gen Con and really want to hear me shoot my mouth off, here's my schedule:

The links take you to the Gen Con events page where you can read a short description of the panels and sign up with a generic ticket if you want to be sure to get a seat (although, at present, none look in danger of filling up beforehand).

-- Andrew Hackard

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June 30, 2014: Closed This Week -- And RTX Is Here!

Reminder: the SJ Games offices (including Munchkin HQ and Warehouse 23) are closed this week.

And that means we have more free time to attend RTX, the Rooster Teeth Expo, right here in Austin this weekend! I'll be there, meeting people and showing off games (some of which haven't been published yet!), and several other members of Team Munchkin will be there, too. If you're in central Texas or willing to come down here in -- ugh -- July, we'd love to see you at the show!

-- Andrew Hackard

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June 23, 2014: 2016: Fifteen Years Of Munchkin

It occurred to us recently that it was about this time of year, back in the unusually hot Texas summer of 2001, that we were assembling the first-ever boxes of Munchkin in our un-air-conditioned, leaky warehouse at the old Metcalfe building.

We'd love to take people by the old place to show them the building, but it's not there anymore; a condo developer decided street access was more important than gaming history. (It's for the best, really; I wasn't kidding about the leaky warehouse, and even the relatively comfortable inside offices had drafts in odd places. The building had . . . character.)

Instead, we throw it open to you, the fans: how should we celebrate the upcoming 15th anniversary of Munchkin in the summer of 2016? Believe it or not, we're planning that far ahead already, so this is your best chance to tell us what you want to see. Post your best ideas to the forums!

-- Andrew Hackard

(Early warning: SJ Games, including Warehouse 23, will be closed next week for our annual summer break.)

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June 16, 2014: Munchkin News From Origins

We had a full-scale presence at Origins Game Fair last weekend -- including the second incarnation of the Munchkin Tavern, and the first to feature a package of hotel rooms with special Munchkin swag! It was my first Origins, and it was a good first one to attend, because we made four exciting announcements over the course of the show:

  • We have already announced our T-shirt deal with Mighty Fine, but some people hadn't heard about it, so we made a new bookmark to remind them!
  • On Thursday, Phil and I tag-teamed the announcement of a deal with Funko to create custom vinyl Munchkin toys. We've been working on this deal for years, and Funko puts out a LOT of great stuff; we're glad we were able to put everything together!
  • Friday saw the announcement of a deal with BOOM! Studios to create a monthly Munchkin comic book! This is another project that we've wanted for some time, so the squees were loud and sustained when we got the last bits of the deal worked out in time for the announcement. SQUEEEEEEEEE!
  • Finally, we announced the second title in our partnership with AEG: Munchkin Smash Up! We're working with Paul Peterson and the AEG folks to make this the best game it can be. AEG were great to work with on Munchkin Loot Letter, and I'm looking forward to working with them again! (Further congratulations are due to AEG for their multiple Love Letter announcements at Origins -- they know a good game when they publish one!)

The Mighty Fine shirts are already available for purchase! We hope to see Funko toys before the end of 2014. The Munchkin comic book and Munchkin Smash Up will likely launch in 2015.

Don't think this ends our Munchkin announcements for the year -- wait until you see what we're going to be talking about at Gen Con!

-- Andrew Hackard

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