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May 4, 2015: Get Munchkin Swag At Warehouse 23!


In addition to all the normal promos and swag you'd normally get from buying things on Warehouse 23, during the month of May we're going to give away even more stuff. Here's how it works:

When you make a purchase on Warehouse 23 that includes a Munchkin item:

. . . if you spend $30 or more, you get a free Munchkin Pillow Case!

. . . if you spend $100 or more, you get a free Munchkin Goodie Bag and a free Munchkin Pillow Case!

As with our other Warehouse 23 freebies, shipping, handling, and tax don't count toward your total, and the box size has to already be big enough to accomodate the new freebies. This has to be a physical purchase; electronic stuff doesn't count.

This deal is only through the month of May, and only while supplies last!

-- Brian Engard

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April 27, 2015: Polo!

The Munchkin Polo Shirt is back in stock at Warehouse 23 -- this time, the Munchkin head is electric blue! We ordered twice as many as before, but experience has shown that these don't stay on shelves long . . . don't wait to order one, or you may be too late!

-- Andrew Hackard

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April 20, 2015: First-Stage Boosters

A little while ago, I talked about some upcoming reprints of Munchkin booster packs. It occurs to me that I haven't mentioned teased our new boosters for the rest of the year. By all means, let me fix that oversight right now.

We (currently) have six new boosters on the schedule for the rest of 2015. In no particular order, and without giving away too much, I can tell you that:

  • One of them is Munchkin Apocalypse: Judge Dredd, which is in Steve's hands for some TLC. (Steve is the Law!) We still expect to see it this fall.
  • One of them is a companion to a previous Munchkin booster.
  • At least two of them are monster collections, like Munchkin Dragons and Munchkin Pathfinder: Gobsmacked.
  • One of them is useful as well as fun, and just may tie into one of our booster reprints this year . . . and maybe some new releases as well.
  • And a couple of them are so secret, I'm not even supposed to be talking about them! Whoops!

Got any speculation about what might be coming? Have requests for non-licensed boosters you want to see? Want to engage in random rumor-mongering about the boosters you think we might be working on for 2016? (Yes, we already have several boosters on next year's schedule!) Post your comments on the forums!

-- Andrew Hackard

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April 13, 2015: Promo Card Page Updated

We recently made a bunch of updates to our Munchkin promo card page. Go check it out!

(To answer one question: Yes, we do plan to reprint some of the promos that are currently out of print. In fact, we've sent a few of them to print in the past few weeks, and we'll look at the list as we continue working on new sets and reprints throughout the year. We know some folks have been having a hard time getting our OOP promos, so we're hoping they can take advantage of a second chance.)

-- Andrew Hackard

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April 6, 2015: Can't Stop, Reprints Will Eat Me

Last week was a flurry of approving reprints so we won't run out of games to sell later this year. Not a lot of NEW creative work got done, but keeping our backlist available is at least as important. (Here's how important: on the wall chart in my office, I had to split 2015 into two columns, one for new releases and one for reprints, just to have enough room to see everything.)

I did sneak in a few approvals of new stuff, however, so my week wasn't totally, um, smashed up.

This week, I get to turn back to the last couple of stragglers on our 2015 schedule plus work on some new stuff for 2016, including the first real work on our Top Secret Project* to celebrate our 15th anniversary. The fun never stops here at Munchkin Central!

-- Andrew Hackard

* Or one of them, at least. It is possible we have multiple Top Secret Projects afoot!

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March 30, 2015: An Important Note About Star Munchkin 3

A couple of people have noticed that the cover of Star Munchkin 3 – Diplomatic Impunity mentions a bonus card and have asked what that's about. It's exactly what it says. The first printing (and ONLY the first printing) of Star Munchkin 3 has a 113th card. Why? Because we could, and because we wanted to thank our early adopters.

Which card is the bonus card? For now, we're not telling, but once the card list goes live on the Star 3 web page, we'll be sure to indicate which card is first printing only.

Incidentally, John Kovalic came up with that extra card. It's a lot of fun working with creative people!

-- Andrew Hackard

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March 23, 2015: GAMA Announcements!

We made several announcements during the GAMA Trade Show last week. If you weren't paying attention to the Internet, here's what you missed:

  • Our pals at USAopoly have three more Munchkin games coming out this year!
    • Munchkin Adventure Time 2 – It's a Dungeon Crawl! will be in stores next month. It's a 100-card expansion (including 12 new Dungeons!) retailing at US$19.95.
    • Munchkin Zombies: The Walking Dead is a 56-card expansion based on Robert Kirkman's hit comic book, featuring great Charlie Adlard artwork. You will need Munchkin Zombies to play. The Walking Dead will be in stores late this summer, retailing at US$10.95.
    • There will be a Munchkin The Nightmare Before Christmas core game! We aren't quite ready to announce when it will be available; price will be US$24.95.
  • We will be reprinting Munchkin Dragons this August. Both it and Star Munchkin: Space Ships will be packaged in a blister attached to a backing card the same size as our tuckbox expansions, so retailers can hang these boosters right on the same peg. Price will still be US$4.95.
  • Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe will be released in a launch kit this July, with three copies of the game, 72 promo cards (24 each of three different cards), and three posters for stores to hang in their shops. The game by itself will ship in September, so the launch kit is the only way to have the game when it is initially released. Steampunk Deluxe will be US$29.95 and the launch kit will be US$89.95.
  • Munchkin Stocking Stuffers will be getting a full release later this year.
  • Munchkin Gloom and Munchkin Smash Up are still on track for release this year. It's a bit too soon to narrow it down further than that.
  • We're teaming up with Renegade Game Studios on a set of Munchkin trading cards! These are actual trading cards, just like sports cards and the like (but without the nasty chewing gum), and there will be some special or even unique chase cards scattered through the set.

Hard as this is to believe, we still haven't announced everything coming out this year! We've got some more love for Star Munchkin and some support for Munchkin Steampunk coming. We've got some new Munchkin expansions and accessories I'm really looking forward to. And a big part of what I did at the show was talk with some people about our Munchkin plans for 2016 and beyond . . . plans that I think define the term "ambitious." It's an exciting time to be a Munchkin fan!

-- Andrew Hackard

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