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September 15, 2014: Make Your Plans Now

I'm going to be in New York City February 13-15, 2015, for a special Munchkin event.

What is it? WHERE is it? Can't tell you that yet. But if you're in the area, we'd love to see you!

-- Andrew Hackard

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September 8, 2014: Interested In Playtesting?

We want your opinions! Join our playtest group on Facebook and be notified whenever we're taking new sets out for a spin.

(There was a Meetup group as well, for a while; Meetup apparently nuked it, for reasons they've never clearly explained. We're working to get it back for you Facebookophobes.)

Right now, we're playtesting Munchkin Steampunk and Munchkin Adventure Time 2, but we've got more stuff in the pipeline later this year!

-- Andrew Hackard

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September 1, 2014: Looking For Your Munchkin Card Ideas

Writing Munchkin cards is a lot of fun . . . but, after a while, the creative juices evaporate. Luckily, we've got a page where you guys can submit your own wacky Munchkin card ideas. I've been plowing through them for inspiration, which means the well is starting to run a little dry . . . so if you've been sitting on new card ideas, there's no better time to send them our way! If we use your idea, we give you credit in the rules AND a copy of the game in which your idea appears! (If you need more incentive, one of the titles we're considering for 2016 is Munchkin Fan Service . . . and we'll need over 100 of your ideas to make that one work!)

Before you run off to start typing up ideas, though, read these important notes:

  1. Please don't use the form for anything BUT card ideas. We aren't looking for set suggestions, critical commentary, or rule questions -- and we don't check the reports often enough to make that last one a good idea, anyway. That's what our forums are for!
  2. Only one card per submission. If you're submitting cards that are linked, mention each one in the other's comments area. (Warning: unless linked cards are VERY good, we probably won't use them, at least not as such -- standalone ideas are much more versatile.)
  3. If you have an idea for the illustration, by all means include that in the Comments field. Sometimes a really funny picture makes an otherwise mundane card shine.
  4. We get too many submissions to be able to acknowledge them. Sorry about that. If we use your idea, we'll let you know; otherwise, you can assume it was almost good enough, and may show up down the road in something else.
  5. Related to that, please understand that we get lots of ideas from our fans, and we're pretty creative in our own right. If you see a published card that is similar to one you suggested, it's almost certainly a case of parallel inspiration. But if it's really close to your idea, it's worth asking -- we have been known to forget to give credit, and that's something we would like to fix in future printings.
  6. By sending in your idea, you are giving us permission to publish it, modified or not as we see fit, up to and including taking a really funny card name and writing an entirely new card to fit it.

We're looking forward to seeing your ideas! Thanks!

-- Andrew Hackard

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August 25, 2014: PAX! DragonCon!

This coming weekend, we have teams going to PAX Prime in Seattle and DragonCon in Atlanta. The crew at PAX will be in our usual spot, the "corral" under the escalators. The DragonCon team will be working with Adventure Retail, as usual. I won't be at either one; I'm taking this Labor Day weekend off for a change. But if you're at one of those shows, come by and say howdy to the folks who are there!

-- Andrew Hackard

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August 18, 2014: Recapping Gen Con

As this posts, it's Monday morning and I'm probably on my way to the airport for a way-too-early flight back to Austin. Poor me, having to spend the entire time at Gen Con having fun with my friends.

Thank you to everyone who attended my panels! I hope y'all had a good time and maybe learned a few things, too.

The Munchkin Tavern was a huge success, once again, and I'd like to thank all the SJ Games staff who worked there, all the folks from Tavern on South who let us take over the joint, and of course all the fans who came in and made merry. I expect we'll be doing this again pretty soon.

Of course, the BIG news items from Gen Con were our announcements! In case you missed some of them, here's a summary:

  • Katie Cook will be illustrating our first booster in 2015, Munchkin Love Shark Baby. Happy Valentine's Day!
  • Next year's Munchkin core game will be Munchkin Steampunk. Steve wrote it, Devin's playtesting it, and Phil Foglio will be illustrating it for us. Expect it next summer.
  • We're partnering with Atlas Games to create Munchkin Gloom. This will be a Gloom game using Munchkin monsters, designed by Gloom creator Keith Baker. Expect it next summer as well.
  • Four lucky folks who had dinner with Fireside Games went home with advance copies of Munchkin Panic. I'm envious!
  • Next spring, USAopoly will be following up Munchkin Adventure Time with Munchkin Adventure Time 2 -- It's a Dungeon Crawl! We're discussing next year's core set, but as of right now, we aren't quiiiiiite ready to make that announcement.

What's really scaring me is that we're already planning our big announcements for next Gen Con . . . leading into 2016 and the 15th anniversary of Munchkin. We have some epic plans in store, none of which I can tell you about right now. Ask me in a year!

-- Andrew Hackard

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August 11, 2014: It's Gen Con Time!

We're counting on seeing many of you at Gen Con THIS WEEK! We'll have a limited number of early releases of many of our fall releases, including Revolution! Anarchy and Munchkin Legends 2 – Faun and Games. (Some of them are VERY limited, so make sure to come by and see us early!) We'll be making some big announcements at the Tavern again, and we'll have swag and promos there that won't be available anywhere else!

I'm very excited about being an Industry Insider Guest of Honor, and I'm sitting on five panels with a bunch of really big names in gaming . . . let's hope I find something intelligent to say by the end of the convention! As a reminder, those panels are:

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

-- Andrew Hackard

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August 4, 2014: Give Your Game A Boost!

It's hard to believe that it's been more than four years since we started producing small booster packs for Munchkin -- and it's hard to believe that it's only been four years, since they're such a natural, great addition to the line. Many of you have told us how much you enjoy the boosters, and commented that we're evil for giving you a reason to spend more money on impulse buys at the register in your Friendly Local Game Store. We agree with both sentiments, and we plan to keep doing boosters as long as y'all keep buying them.

(Please keep buying them.)

You can look at the booster page to see what's currently available. Some of them are on the cusp of going out of print, though, so don't delay if you see something you want!

Also, don't forget that the special booster promotional card offer expires at the end of this year. There's still time to get your card if you haven't!

-- Andrew Hackard

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