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Munchkin® Gameboard™
Munchkin® Gameboard™

Game Design by Steve Jackson * Illustrated by John Kovalic

10" × 20" gameboard. * Price $5.00 * Stock #5520
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Level Playing Field

All true munchkins know . . . part of the fun is gloating about how far ahead you are. With the Munchkin Gameboard, it's easy for everyone to see exactly where they are. Gloat at your impending victory, or curse the fates as your rivals move past you.

The board has rooms numbered 1 to 10; use your favorite miniatures or any other counters you like* to mark your progress through the dungeon. The first player to reach 10 is the winner!

It also has spaces for both decks and their discard piles.

* It makes us happy when you use official Munchkin pawns!


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