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Munchkin® Reviews
Munchkin® Reviews

Award Winner

Origins Award for Best Traditional Card Game of 2002

Flattery for Munchkin:

  • "...well worth the money, and a heck of a lot of fun."
    – Brian Gray,
  • "Fast to learn and different every time, this therapeutic game of hack-N-slash is just what the cleric ordered to get the dungeon-fix you need without the lengthy playing session and pesky spirit of cooperation involved in an rpg."
    – Chris Cecil, The Critical Kobold.
  • "Munchkin is a Must Have for anyone who enjoys tabletop roleplaying games for their fun value and doesn't take them too seriously . . . This is a great party game with loads of laughs."
    – Colin Forbes, Flagship
  • ". . . you can be a hot female half-elf cleric/thief on a quest for treasure and ultimate power, which is pretty much the same thing as playing D&D, but since you can finish Munchkin in an hour or less, it takes a lot less time, and requires a great deal less pretending to be a disaffected Saxon with a horrible accent and a dark past . . ."
    – Matt Drake, Drake's Flames

Praise for Munchkin Fu:

  • "I like it. The game plays well, is easy to understand and play, and is fun. My player testers who hadn't played any of the Munchkin games before opened the game and were playing in 10 minutes. The art and overall look of the game is pretty comical, with some great illustrations by Greg Hyland. The price tag of the game (nearly $25) is very appropriate. The amount of play and enjoyment offered by this game, makes this game a great value. "I can happily give Munchkin Fu a high recommendation!"
    – Marc Shayed, www.gamingreport.com.

Accolades for Star Munchkin:

  • "While the Star Munchkin is funny and manages to bring back memories of recesses of yesterday, what really makes the game worth playing until 4 a.m. is its cutthroat, backstabbing nature."
    – Ken Newquist, www.scifi.com.

Kudos for Munchkin 2 – Unnatural Axe:

  • "Munchkin: Unnatural Axe, will bring many many hours of good gaming fun. If you consider yourself to be a real gamer and don't yet have these titles then you are nothing more than a pile of radioactive droppings from the Plutonium Dragon and should be mocked relentlessly by those who would otherwise be your friends and loved ones."
    – Troy Fryatt, www.201mass.com.
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