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Munchkin® 2010 Christmas Card
Munchkin® 2010 Christmas Card

Illustrated by John Kovalic

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Have a Monstrous Christmas!

Our third Munchkin holiday card is all about the monsters! Santa wants to make them easier for you to kill – or harder for your opponents, whichever you prefer. Just because it's the holidays is no reason to stop being munchkinly!

Munchkin Monstrous Christmas Card Rule

Once per game, if you have a Munchkin Monstrous Christmas Card on the table, you may use it as a +5 or -5 enhancer (adding or subtracting one Treasure, respectively – minimum 1 Treasure) to any monster pictured on the front (the Gazebo, Gelatinous Octahedron, Net Troll, Plutonium Dragon, or Potted Plant), as a gift from Steve Jackson Games. Limit one Holiday Card per player per game.

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