Munchkin® Level Counter™

Sculpted by Richard Kerr * Based on original art by John Kovalic

Metal level counter. * Suggested Retail Price $14.95
Stock #1413 * ISBN 978-1-55634-700-9
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Every true Munchkin deserves his own level counter. Here it is!

The Super Munchkin with his chainsaw stands atop a metal disc showing levels 1 through 10. And if you want to play to epic levels . . . or if you're playing Some Other Game . . . flip the disc over for levels 11-20!

Use it as is or paint it to please your own munchkinly tastes.

Bonus! Includes four blank Munchkin cards to customize your game! You may get Treasures, Doors, or both. They may be from the original Munchkin, from Star Munchkin, from Munchkin Fu, or from Munchkin Cthulhu. Or any combination. We try to mix them up!


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