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Munchkin® Resurrection Cookie™
Munchkin® Resurrection Cookie™

In 2008, the Dev Team – smelling slightly of eggnog – came up with the Munchkin Resurrection Cookie, featuring the grinning Super Munchkin. (We tried to fit his whole body, but his swelled head took up too much room. Too many victories in the dungeon have inflated his ego.)

We didn't sell any. We baked up a limited number and gave them all as gifts to staff, distributors, and other friends. These people are very special to us, and we wanted to give them the very nicest thing you can give to a munchkin . . . deserved in-game benefits!

Official Rule

If you suffer Bad Stuff that includes "death" in any Munchkin card game, you may eat this cookie to avoid all the Bad Stuff.

In Munchkin Quest, if you eat this cookie immediately after you flip your last heart to black, you are resurrected! Flip all your hearts back to red. You respawn instantly, in the room where you died, and you don't have to drop your stuff.


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