Munchkin® Silver Piece™

Given how treasure obsessed Munchkins are, it's a wonder we waited this long . . .

Munchkin Coins are special bits of promo goodness. Not only are they durable and shiny, the rules that govern their use change from month to month.

The first Munchkin Coin was the 2008 Munchkin Silver Piece. We've released a new Silver Piece each year since then, for 2009 through 2013, as well as a special Christmas variant set, a blue version for Game Trade Magazine in 2010, and a Gold Piece for Munchkin Quest.

All of these rules apply to any Munchkin game, and may be activated at any time (except where noted differently). The effect of each rule is limited to the owner of the coin, unless otherwise noted. Each Coin may only be activated once, and only one Coin is allowed per player.

Let us restate that for emphasis:

Each player may only have a single coin per game, and a single coin effect per game, unless stated otherwise.

April 1, 2014: Munchkin 2014 Silver Piece Rule For April 2014

Meta-rule for all of 2014: if you are playing Munchkin Apocalypse, or a blended game that includes Apocalypse cards, you may use the 2014 Silver Piece to Open or Close a Seal, your choice. Give the Silver Piece to the next player to successfully Run Away from a monster. As usual in Apocalypse, this rule cannot be used to reverse the opening of the Seventh Seal.

It's April, which of course means it's time to make a fool of yourself in the service of Munchkin bonuses! During any game of Munchkin or Munchkin Quest, when you are in combat, you may balance the 2014 Silver Piece on your nose. For every three seconds the coin stays in place, your side gets a +2 combat bonus, to a maximum bonus of +10. (You should probably have someone besides you keeping time.) NOTE: No cheating! If you use any sort of adhesive to keep the Silver Piece on your nose, go back to Level 1 and lose all your cards in play AND in your hand.

Special rule: On April 1, the bonus is +4 for every three seconds! The maximum is +20 on April 1.

Keep the Silver Piece when you're done; if you actually do this, you have already suffered enough.

You may only use one coin rule per game unless a specific rule says otherwise.

Past Munchkin Coin Rules


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