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Find promo cards at your Friendly Local Game Store and by visiting Steve Jackson Games at a convention near you. If you want a specific card, click here to go to Warehouse 23 and purchase one from our available stock.

Click on a card below to see the rules, or return to the main promo card page.

If you have a promo card that isn't listed here, it may have been retired. Check the Retired Cards page to find out.

  • Behind Door Number 3
  • Cult Membership Card
  • Embrace the Madness
  • Curse! Revealed Cult Secrets
  • Lovercraft Fan Fiction Collection
  • Miskatonic University Honorary Degree
  • Monstrous Heritage
  • Octomaid
  • Research Assistant
  • The Stars are Cruel
  • Curse! Step on a Non-Euclidean Brick Toy
  • Sucker Punch
  • Wishing Ring

The cards below were included in the Munchkin Cthulhu Cursed Demo. Currently, they are out of print.

  • Curse! Shuggoth Shuffle
  • Mi-Go Mind Switch
  • Trade Character Sheets
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