Munchkin® Promo Cards
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Find promo cards at your Friendly Local Game Store and by visiting Steve Jackson Games at a convention near you. If you want a specific card, click here to go to Warehouse 23 and purchase one from our available stock.

All of our promo cards for the past several years have used the icon on the left above. If you see a loose card with a different icon, it may have come from our Warehouse 23 boosters (in the middle) or the card vending machine (on the right). If it's not one of those, it may be a retired promo card instead.

Click on a card below to see all the promo cards available for that set. If we don't show one, there isn't a promo card for it . . . yet.

  • Munchkin®

    • Mug the Shopkeeper
  • Munchkin® Adventure Time™

    • Grass Sword
  • Munchkin® Apocalypse

    • Love Thy Neighbor
  • Munchkin® Booty

    • Weirdly Bearded
  • Munchkin® Cthulhu

    • Cultist
  • Munchkin® Fu

    • Made in Hong Kong
  • Munchkin® Impossible

    • Duck In Black
  • Munchkin® Steampunk

    • Professor Tesla's Electrical Protective Device (pat. pending)
  • Munchkin® Zombies

    • Zombie Santa
  • Star Munchkin®

    • Flash Gorgon
  • Super Munchkin®

    • Electrocutey
  • Munchkin Quest™

    • 3D Glasses
  • Munchkin® Treasure Hunt™

    • Nightmare
  • Retired Cards

    • Heart of the Anomaly
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