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Munchkin® Plutonium Dragon Patch™
Munchkin® Plutonium Dragon Patch™

Illustrated by John Kovalic

One 3" patch. * Price $5.00 * Stock #9308
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Official Rules

  1. The Munchkin Plutonium Dragon Patch must be sewn to a visible article of clothing* you are wearing. Just having the patch confers no bonus!
  2. Once per game, during combat, you may either make one non-Dragon monster into a Dragon (as described in the rules for Munchkin Dragons), or give a monster that is already a Dragon a +10 bonus.
  3. If you have different styles of the Munchkin Patch, you can use each patch once. Multiple copies of the same patch do not give you extra uses!

* Clothing must itself be worn, in the usual manner for the article of clothing in question.


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