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Munchkin® Webcomic Contest

In May 2011, we ran a Munchkin Webcomic Contest. (The rules for the contest can be found here.) Our MIBs handled the judging, and here are the winners.

For new webcomics published during the contest period:

First Place ($1,000):
Rusty And Co.
Rusty and Co.
Second Place ($500):
Munchkin Apocalypse
Munchkin Apocalypse
Third Place ($200):
Rock, Paper, Monster
Rock, Paper, Monster

For webcomics published before the contest period:

First Place ($500):
Second Place ($200):
Perpendicular Reality
Perpendicular Reality

We ran a separate online vote, open to the whole Internet. These prizes went to a charity of the winner's choice.

First Place ($1,000): Spaceship Long Island.
Charity: A Forever Home Rescue Foundation
Space Ship Long Island
Second Place ($500): Rusty And Co.
Charity: the Art Program at P.S. 255 in Brooklyn, NY
Rusty and Co.

Here is a list of everyone who participated. Enjoy!

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