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Munchkin® Monster Guide 2.5™
Munchkin® Monster Guide 2.5™

Written by John W. Mangrum * Edited by Andrew Hackard
Illustrated by John Kovalic

48 pages. Hardcover. * Suggested Retail Price $14.95
Stock #3407 * ISBN 1-55634-722-7
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Contains 150% more than the first volume! (Just don't ask 150% more what.)

The twisted geniuses behind the first Munchkin Monster Guide are back! The Munchkin Monster Guide 2.5 contains 3,905 monsters – of which only 3,872 are orcs – including such fell nasties as Auntie Paladin, the Misplacer Beast, and the dreaded Thing With a Name So Long There's No Room for a Picture in the Book. It also includes new monster templates, guidelines for updating your Munchkin campaigns to the 2.5 rules, and the wit for which the Munchkin RPG has become (in)famous.

More creatures to slay . . . more treasure to plunder . . . more levels to gain . . . the Munchkin Monster Guide 2.5 has it all!



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