Munchkin® Plush

Don't kill these monsters and take their stuff. Squeeze them and love them instead!

  • Munchkin Duck of Doom
  • Munchkin Duck of Gloom
  • Halloween Chibithulhu
  • Christmas Chibithulhu
  • July 4th Chibithulhu
  • Zombie Chibithulhu
Out Of Print

Out Of Print

Everything here is out of print. Will it come back someday? Maybe, maybe not! (Probably not.) Some of it may still be available from dealers in used games, though . . .

  • Black Mini-Chibithulhu
  • Blue Mini-Chibithulhu
  • Green Mini-Chibithulhu
  • Purple Mini-Chibithulhu
  • Red Mini-Chibithulhu
  • Green Chibithulhu
  • Pink Chibithulhu
  • Green Mega-Chibithulhu
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