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Munchkin Quest Promo Set 1 – Cover

Reverse Side


  • 1 Room Tile
  • 1 Monster Standie
  • 1 Card
  • 3 Links

Munchkin Quest Promo Set 1

Designed by Steve Jackson Illustrated by John Kovalic

7.25" × 6.25" die-cut sheet. * Suggested Retail Price: Free!
Available through your local retailers and conventions!

Free! One Troll Booth, complete with Troll!

Munchkin Quest Promo Set 1 is a little bonus for MQ fans. It includes a new room, a new monster, and a new kind of link, all in a single sheet.

The room is the Troll Booth, and the monster is, of course, the classic Troll. It's only level 10, but it has three treasures if you defeat it!

The links are Junky Passages. It takes 2 movement points to pass through . . . but you might find gold among the junk!