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October 27, 2014: Andrew Is Stupid

Somehow, the news item intended for THIS week posted LAST week and no one noticed. Whoops.

Randy and I leave for PAX Australia today (not last week), and the convention is this coming weekend (not the weekend that just ended).

Everything else is true, however, especially the part about planning to have a great time. If you're going to be at the show, we'll see you there! (And if you thought you were just AT the show, quit living in my alternate timeline.)

-- Andrew Hackard

(P.S. If you're in the Austin area this week, be sure to check out our playtesting group on Facebook -- Devin's going to be running more playtests over the next little while and we want your input!)

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October 1, 2014: Munchkin 2014 Silver Piece Rule For October 2014

Meta-rule for all of 2014: if you are playing Munchkin Apocalypse, or a blended game that includes Apocalypse cards, you may use the 2014 Silver Piece to Open or Close a Seal, your choice. Give the Silver Piece to the next player to successfully Run Away from a monster. As usual in Apocalypse, this rule cannot be used to reverse the opening of the Seventh Seal.

Happy Halloween!

You may use the 2014 Silver Piece in any game of Munchkin or Munchkin Quest to make yourself Undead for one combat, unless you are fighting for the win. This means that you can add Undead monsters to your side of the fight, but it also means that any player who has cards or abilities usable against Undead can use them against you. After the combat, win or lose, give the Silver Piece to the lowest-Level player (other than yourself, if you are the lowest).

You may only use one Munchkin coin per game unless a rule says otherwise. This one does not.

More about the Munchkin Silver Piece

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