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What People Are Saying About The Munchkin®'s Guide to Power Gaming

"Pure hack-n-slashism has never been funnier."
– Ethan Blaylock, Games Unplugged

"I went deeper into the book. There's dodges for how to cheat on dice rolls, and tips and tricks for munchkins playing in any role-playing genre. Which race is best in a fantasy game? What's the proper way to seige a castle, or to break a seige? Why is your gun skill the only skill you need in a modern game? Even if you've never felt a touch of angst or the faintest desire to dress in black, there are helpful hints for Vampire LARPing to win."
– Kevin Mowery, RPG.net review

"The guys who wrote this book have obviously seen (or done) quite a bit of mischief in their gaming career. With twenty years of Gming experience, I found myself alternating between laughter and shuddering with memories of players pulling the same antics. They even came up with a few that were new to me."
– Tomas J Skucas, RPG.net review

"If you remember how role playing was when the first time you got your hands on a magic sword and characterisation was putting on a silly accent, this is a must read. Hide it from new players though, they might find a trick they missed."
– Mark Caldwell, Valkyrie 19

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