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Munchkin® – Fast Play Rules
Munchkin® – Fast Play Rules

Snails on Speed Use these rules with any Munchkin game, any time you want things to get moving more quickly. They're especially worthwhile in a "blender game" that combines sets.

  1. Each player starts with four cards from each deck.
  2. A player gets four cards from each deck when he returns from death.
  3. Any time a Race, Class, Power, or Style card, or any card that lets you get extra Races, Classes, Powers, or Styles (such as Super Munchkin or Half-Breed), is on top of the discard pile, any player may discard a "Go Up A Level" card from his hand and claim it. If multiple players try to claim a card, they roll dice. The winner gets the card; the loser keeps his Level card. (And yes, you can use a Loaded Die to affect your die roll!)
  4. Quick discarding to bury a Race (etc.) card in the discards, so your rivals can't get it, is very munchkinly, but not allowed. Everyone must have a chance to get the discard.
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