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Munchkin® Sherpa™ Case

Illustrated by John Kovalic

1 metal marker case (marker included). * Price $49.99 * Stock #5508
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This is the rarest Munchkin item we have ever done – we made 100, and gave most of them to our staff and our munchkinly friends. It's very shiny, and it has both in-game and out-of-game uses. It's the Munchkin Sherpa™!

This solid metal case turns a regular disposable pen or marker into a designer writing tool. If you met any of our staff at PAX or other conventions this year, you might have seen them – we used them for signings, and missed no chances to show them off. The Munchkin Sherpa will last for YEARS. Unless you put it down and take your eyes off of it. In that case it will probably be gone in 60 seconds. It's that cool.

If you have the Munchkin Sherpa in front of you during any game of Munchkin or Munchkin Quest, then you get a combat bonus against any monster with a dagger, knife, or sword in its illustration – because your pen is mightier. The bonus is equal to the number of treasures granted by the monster.

The Munchkin Sherpa is available in VERY limited quantities. We're only selling 30. It's probably already too late, but feel free to try to get one now before they're gone!

Sherpa is a trademark of the Paradise Pen Company.


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