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Munchkin® Plutonium Dragon Shot Glass

Illustrated by John Kovalic

One 1.5 oz shot glass. * Price $5.00 * Stock #5562
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Munchkin is not a drinking game. Really.

But don't let that stop you from showing your love for Munchkin with the Munchkin Plutonium Dragon Shot Glass. These 1.5 oz glasses are black with the Plutonium Dragon in green on the side.

And of course, it has a rule!

Munchkin Plutonium Dragon Shot Glass Rule

The Munchkin Plutonium Dragon Shot Glass may be used in any Munchkin game or its sequels.

During any combat, you may drink one complete Potion of Plutonium Dragon Summoning* from the Munchkin Plutonium Dragon Shot Glass to retrieve the Plutonium Dragon from the Door discards or deck (reshuffle the deck, in that case) and add it as a wandering monster. You may only do this once per game.

If the Plutonium Dragon is in some other player's hand, or is already IN the fight, your use of the Potion is wasted. If it is in YOUR hand, go ahead and play it as described above.

* The owner of the Shot Glass is the sole judge of what liquid(s) will make up the Potion of Plutonium Dragon Summoning.


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