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Munchkin® Christmas Ornament
Munchkin® Christmas Ornament

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Deck the halls of your dungeon with this wooden ornament of the Super Munchkin from the cover of the original Munchkin game. This ornament measures approximately 2½" wide by 3" tall. The design is laser etched, from both sides, into cedar wood. Grab one for your treasure stash!


If this ornament is hanging on a tree in the room where you are playing Munchkin (any version) or Munchkin Quest, on the 24th or 25th of ANY month, Santa will bring presents. Every time a player goes up to 5th Level, that player draws a face-up Treasure. Yes, if you go down to 4th and then back up, you get another present. Only one ornament allowed per game.

Allergy Notice: This ornament is made from cedar wood.

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