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Munchkin® Twitter Explosion

Munchkin Twitter Explosion is a silly way to make your Munchkin and Munchkin Quest games even more Munchkin-riffic! We'll be tweeting munchkinly effects from our Twitter account, and you get the effects. Some will be good, some will be bad, and some will be just plain odd, but they'll all be Munchkin!

And if you're not playing Munchkin, don't worry! The Explosion will pop up an effect every couple of hours, but won't dominate your feed. The Explosion will run from Friday, September 3 through Sunday, September 5.

Starting the Game

Before the game begins, one player (or judge, if a tournament game) should be designated Official Bird Watcher. This person is responsible for getting the updated tweets and announcing them to the entire table.

All players should be informed that Munchkin Twitter Explosion Rules will be used. If any effect is currently active, everyone should be informed of that as well.

If anyone objects to the use of Munchkin Twitter Explosion, please remind them that Munchkin is intended to be a silly game. But if the entire table votes to exclude the Munchkin Twitter Explosion rules, hey, it's your game!

The Munchkin Twitter Explosion is legal and valid for all official Steve Jackson Games Munchkin and Munchkin Quest events, including tournaments run at Gen Con.

Follow @SJGames at http://twitter.com/SJGames/.

Receiving the Tweets

Throughout the Explosion, new tweets will be sent out from the @SJGames Twitter feed. All official Explosion tweets will include the hashtag "#munchkin." If the tweet isn't from @SJGames, or it is from @SJGames but doesn't include #munchkin – it doesn't count! (Yes, we will test you!)

When a new tweet is spotted by the Bird Watcher:

  • Each player should read the tweet.
  • If a combat is in progress, that combat finishes. If Charity is in progress, that Charity finishes.
  • THEN the rule in the new tweet takes effect!

Tweet Rules

  • The text "TNT" means "Till Next Tweet." This is a continuing effect, and lasts until the next tweet from @SJGames containing #munchkin is received. Yes, even if the new tweet doesn't have an actual game effect, if the #munchkin hash tag is included, the old effect stops.
  • The text "ONE" means "this takes effect ONCE PER PLAYER." The effect may be automatic, or the player may have to do something to qualify, but each player can only get the benefit of this tweet once, and the chance lasts only until the next tweet appears.
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