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Munchkin Errata

Munchkin Marked for Death Errata

Last updated March 18, 2011

Errata to Be Corrected in the Next Printing

If you would like to download a corrected version of the insert, or the full script for the Marked Demo, go to the Marked for Death Web page. The corrections shown here are to the insert only.

Turn 1:

2) The Elf turns over the top Door card, revealing Curse! Marked for Death!.
3) Since the Elf can't go below Level 1, he suffers no penalty.

Turn 2:

In (2), Cat O' One Tail should be Lawn Mower.

Turn 3:

2) The Elf has a combat strength of 4 (2 for his Level and 2 for the Cat O' One Tail); Joan has a strength of 2.

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