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Munchkin Errata

Munchkin 8 – Half Horse, Will Travel Errata

Last updated July 14, 2014

Errata to Be Corrected in the Next Printing

On the rulesheet, under Steeds, the last sentence of the next-to-last paragraph should read:

Item Enhancers do not affect Steed Enhancers.

After Steeds, add a new section:

Class and Race Enhancers

This set includes two new Class Enhancers (Elite and Legendary) and one new Race Enhancer (Elder). If you also have Munchkin Reloaded! or Munchkin Game Changers, these go along with Master, Dark, and High from that set. (If you don't, these work fine on their own!) You may not use multiple Class and Race Enhancers with the same name, even if you have more than one Class or Race to play them on, but multiple different Enhancers are fine . . . you can be an Elite Legendary Wizard or a Dark Elder Centaur!

Corrected Errata

Corrected in the 3rd Printing

Escape Goat: replace "combat" with "monster."

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