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Munchkin Errata

Munchkin Fu Errata

Last updated August 5, 2013

Errata to Be Corrected in the Next Printing

Tiger Ghost should be Undead.

Add a subhead under "Monsters," on p. 5:

Undead Monsters

Several monsters in this set are tagged Undead. You may play any Undead monster from your hand into combat to help any other Undead, without using a Wandering Monster card. If you have a card that can be used to make a monster Undead, you may play it with a non-Undead monster to use this rule.

Corrected Errata

In the first paragraph under Mooks (page 3) insert "You may discard Mooks at any time." right before "You may not trade Mooks . . ."

To the Baby Powder card, add ". . . (Minimum Level 1), and reduce its Treasure by one (minimum of 1)". [Note: As of the 7th printing, the Level minimum is no longer valid.]

With Visible Wires should say "(Minimum Level 1)". [Note: As of the 6th printing, this is no longer valid.]

Corrected in the 4th Printing

Bad Feng Shui is now a Treasure card, not a Door card.

Corrected in the 2nd Printing

Baby Powder, Monkey Spirit Guide and Spirit Mirror are missing the line "Usable once only." I.e., treat them as one-shot items.

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