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Munchkin Errata

Munchkin Deluxe Errata

Last updated April 24, 2014

Errata to Be Corrected in the Next Printing

5th Printing only:

On p. 4, under "Monster Enhancers," the following text was omitted:

Exception: Anything that enhances a monster also enhances its Mate . . . if Ancient, Enraged, and Mate are played on a single monster, in any order, you are facing an Ancient Enraged monster and its Ancient Enraged Mate. Good luck . . .

Corrected Errata

Corrected in the 2nd Printing

The paragraph about dwarves under the "Items" header was removed from page 4 of the rulesheet. The second paragraph of that section now reads:

If something lets you have more than one Big item (for instance, the Dwarf race) and you lose that ability, you must either correct the problem immediately or get rid of all but one Big item. If it's your turn and you're not in combat, you can sell the excess Big items (as long as you have at 1,000 Gold Pieces of Items to sell). Otherwise, you must give them to the lowest-Level player(s) who can carry them! If any Big items are still left over, discard them.

Add a subhead under "Monsters," on p. 5:

Undead Monsters

Several monsters in this set are tagged Undead. You may play any Undead monster from your hand into combat to help any other Undead, without using a Wandering Monster card. If you have a card that can be used to make a monster Undead, you may play it with a non-Undead monster to use this rule.

The "Items – Playing Them" section on p. 5 should read:

Any item card may be played to the table as soon as you get it, or at any time on your own turn other than in combat (unless the card itself says otherwise).

The third paragraph of the "Super-Sized Munchkin" box on p. 6 should read:

Expansions. These add still more monsters to kill, new Treasure to loot, and sometimes entirely new kinds of cards.

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