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Munchkin Errata

Munchkin 3 – Clerical Errors Errata

Last updated July 28, 2017

Errata to Be Corrected in the Next Printing

There are no reported errata for this printing.

Corrected Errata

Corrected in the 16th Printing

Poisoned has been updated to say "Combat Bonus" instead of "Level Bonus."

Corrected in the 10th Printing

Poisoned is now labeled an Item Enhancer. The Item Enhancers rules have been added to the rulesheet.

Corrected in the 5th Printing

Semi-Final Strike should say:

Pick one Item that you are using that is not "usable once only." Get 3 times the normal bonus from that item, for a single combat. Then roll a die. On a 6, you get to keep the item; otherwise it is discarded. Usable once only.

Corrected in the 4th Printing

Very Depressed should say "(Minimum Level 1)". [Note: As of the 7th printing, this is no longer valid.]

Vorpal Blade should say "1 Hand".

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