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Bonnie and Clyde. Matches and gasoline. Famine and plague. And, of course, Munchkin and d20! Munchkin brought you the essence of roleplaying: kill them all and take their stuff! Now take the classes and races, nifty items, and fiendish monsters right off the cards and into your own campaign . . . and it will never be the same!

The Munchkin Player's Guide, Munchkin Master's Guide, and Munchkin Monster Guide provide everything you need for a rollicking good game of dungeon-clearing, monster-slaying, treasure-gathering . . . and the inevitable up-leveling! Everything, that is, except for a warped imagination and buckets of dice – but you already have those, right?

  • Munchkin Player's Guide
  • Munchkin Master's Guide
  • Munchkin Monster Guide
  • Munchkin Master's Screen
  • Munchkin Monster Guide 2.5
  • Star Munchkin Roleplaying Game
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