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Munchkin Bites!

One of our loyal playtesters asked us for rules to really play the game. "But they're already here," we told him. "No," came the reply, "I want to really play it." After a moment of further confusion, we suddenly understood . . . he's one of THEM. Ah, well, we can do that.

Playing Munchkin Bites! live-action is simple: just act out what your character (and we use the term loosely) does. If you're a vampire, bite people. If you're a werewolf, bite people. If you're a changeling, bite people – very delicately. And if you're a human, well, it would be a courtesy to marinate yourself for three to six hours before the game starts.

You can also act out the various powers in the game (it's OK if you don't know what the words mean; game designers have been making up definitions for years) and even some of the items. It's fun to slay monsters, but it's twice as fun if you actually pull out your Leatherman and spear them through the heart. And flaming weapons, hoo boy, the fun to be . . . uh . . .

Maybe this isn't such a good idea after all.

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