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Munchkin® Bracelet of Slapping™

Illustrated by John Kovalic

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Youth Size Slap Bracelet. * Price $3.00 * Stock #5548B
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Munchkin Bracelet of Slapping Rules

The Munchkin Bracelet of Slapping may be used in any game of Munchkin or its sequels. You may only use one Bracelet of Slapping in a game (and if the Bracelet is removed, you can't put it back on later).

Once per game, at any time when you have a free Hand, you may slap the Bracelet of Slapping on your own wrist. You have a +5 bonus as long as that Hand remains free. The Bracelet may not be stolen, lost to Bad Stuff (other than Death), or Cursed away. You may choose to remove the Bracelet of Slapping to cancel any "lose a level" effect. You must remove the Bracelet of Slapping if you want to use that Hand for another Item, or if your munchkin dies . . . and if someone else loots it from your corpse, he may use it! (He has to give it back once the game is over, though.)


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