Munchkin® Fu T-Shirt
Munchkin® Fu T-Shirt

Illustrated by Greg Hyland

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High-quality white T-shirts with the Yakuza-Samurai Super Munchkin from the Munchkin Fu cover. Includes special rules to give the wearer a munchkinly bonus in tournament play!

Official Rules

  1. If you are wearing an official Munchkin shirt*, you may draw one extra card from either deck when you start play or when you come back from the dead.
  2. The autograph of either Steve Jackson or Greg Hyland on the shirt lets you have one extra Style. This means that Monks can have three Styles, and non-Monks can have two. With both autographs, of course, you get a second extra Style.
  3. If you lose the extra Style this shirt allows, you do not have to discard the shirt, unless you really want to.
  4. Wearing two or more Munchkin shirts does NOT give you both bonuses. The one on the outside rules.
  5. Use of the Cheat! card overrides Rule 4 and lets you benefit from two different shirts. (It doesn't matter which one is outside.)
  6. But under no circumstance is there any bonus for MORE than two shirts at once, and players may never benefit from more than two shirts per game.

It is NOT an official tournament rule, but if you wish to make a house rule that a "Lose Your Armor" card requires you to remove your shirt(s), we cannot stop you.

*On your torso. Right side out.


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